Top 5 Best Marriage Advice

Marriage is something you have to work at. It won’t always be easy, and it even might not always be fun. But if you love your spouse and are committed to your marriage, you’ll make it through the rough times. Here’s some marriage advice that can help strengthen your union, prevent fights and help get you to that golden wedding anniversary.

1. Communicate.

The first piece of marriage advice is to communicate! Lack of communication is perhaps the biggest contributor to marriage breakdowns. When we stop communicating with each other, we invariably tend to drift apart. Communication does not only mean spending hours talking with each other. Communication can also be those small gestures, those touches and those words said through the eyes. When we share, we show that we care. So to keep our marriages thriving, we must make communication a priority.

2. Ditch Dishonesty.

The second piece of marriage advice is to ditch dishonesty. Whether it’s dishonesty about finances or extra-marital affairs, or even if you took the trash out, dishonesty can destroy a marriage. You only need to look at the evening news to see what lies can do to a marriage. Learn from Tiger Woods, and be honest with your partner!

3. Keep Romance Alive.

The third piece of marriage advice is to keeping the romance going. The romance needs to be rekindled from time to time to have a successful married life. You can go for a weekend vacation to a secluded retreat, spend a time basking under the sun at a remote beach, or just take your loved one out for a candle-lit dinner. It is about doing something different, and taking the time to remind each other of your special bond.

4. Make Time for Each Other.

The fourth piece of marriage advice is to make time for each other. It’s a hectic, busy world today. And if you let your relationship lip to the bottom of your to-do list, it can become predictable, which can lead to loss of interest in your partner. It’s too easy to devote yourself to your job during the day and into the night, and errands, chores, and kids demand your time when you’re away from the office. But to keep your marriage healthy, you need to spend time with your spouse – more than just the few hours spent asleep. It could simply be having dinner together or watching a program you both enjoy on TV. The important thing is that it’s just you and your partner. It lets your spouse know he or she is important and it will continuously refuel the need that you have for each other.

5. Give Space.

The fifth piece of marriage advice is to make space for each other. It is important to share your life with your spouse, but it is also important to give a bit of space that is so cherished by all people. Everyone needs a place to call their own – even if it’s just a corner of the bedroom. A lack of physical space can be smothering, it’s important to remember that love and marriage are about sharing your love, not losing yourself in love. Give each other space when you need to.

Keeping your marriage ticking happily along isn’t simple, but is a matter of simply Listening, Sharing, Responding and Caring for your spouse Openly, Honestly and Unconditionally. Hopefully this marriage advice will help your marriage!

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